ven. Juin 9th, 2023

Kotlin is taking part in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for the first time!

GSoC is a global online stipend program focused on bringing new contributors into open-source software development. This is an excellent opportunity to work on a 12-week programming project with the Kotlin Foundation under the guidance of mentors from Google, JetBrains, and Gradle, while gaining experience on a real-world project in the open-source community.

Here are the proposed projects:

Kotlin Multiplatform protobufsKotlin Compiler error messagesKotlin Multiplatform librariesGroovy to Kotlin Gradle DSL converterEclipse Gradle KTS editingImprove support for parameter forwarding in the Kotlin plugin for IntelliJ IDEAEnhance the kotlinx-benchmark library API and user experienceParallel stacks for Kotlin Coroutines in the debugger

See the full list of projects

Submit a proposal from March 20 to April 4 to be considered for one of these projects. 

To get started, please check the main contributor guidelines:

Check out the GSoC FAQ and program announcement.Familiarize yourself with the Kotlin language. Get to know the Kotlin open-source community and explore the general Kotlin contribution guidelines. Refer to the GSoC contributor guidelines.Check out the project ideas and select the one you’d like to work on.Apply via the GSoC website.

See full guidelines

Thank you! We look forward to reading your applications!


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