mar. Nov 29th, 2022

Kotlin 1.8.0-Beta Has Been Released

Kotlin 1.8.0-Beta brings the following updates:

Gradle 7.3 compatibilityRecursive Path utility functions in the stdlibSupport for Xcode 14 in Kotlin/NativeDiscontinuation of support for the old JVM backend


We Are Looking for EAP Champions

Are you working on a large-scale, production-grade Kotlin project? Would you love to be among the first to try new language features? Are you interested in making a valuable contribution to Kotlin’s development? Apply to the Kotlin EAP Champions Program!


How Kotlin Is Going To Fix Your Pains in 2023

Check out the findings of the first Kotlin Developer Survey, our plans to address the most popular issues we discovered, and learn how you can get a head-start on fixing them.

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Kotlin Multiplatform: New Webinars, Multiplatform Contest

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Webinars Are Available to Watch

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is now in Beta. It means that the technology is almost complete and safe to use in your projects. Now is a great time to start learning and gradually adopting Multiplatform Mobile. To start digging into this technology, check out a series of webinars covering the basics of Multiplatform Mobile and demonstrating some of the most popular use cases.

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Join the Kotlin Multiplatform Contest and Win a Trip to KotlinConf’23!

Calling all students and recent graduates who love to code in Kotlin! Showcase your creativity by building a Kotlin Multiplatform project using the technology that will help shape the future. If your entry makes it into the top 3, you’ll win a trip to KotlinConf’23, the Kotlin event of the year, with all expenses paid courtesy of the Kotlin Foundation!

Join the Kotlin Multiplatform contest

KotlinConf: Going Global, New Workshop

KotlinConf 2023 Is Going Global. Get on Board With Us!

Join KotlinConf remotely, with support from JetBrains. Organize an in-person meetup for your community to watch the KotlinConf’23 live broadcast or recordings after the conference. Hear about the industry trends and Kotlin news from the experts, and discuss the content with community members.

Count me in

New Workshop: Elegant, Powerful, and Idiomatic APIs in Kotlin

Attend “Elegant, Powerful, and Idiomatic APIs in Kotlin” to discover advanced Kotlin features that provide expressive APIs and DSLs.

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CPC World Finals: Kotlin Match commented by Roman Elizarov

To unveil the full power of Kotlin and JetBrains tools, as well as their advantages in algorithmic problem-solving, we’ve invited two competitive programming stars to match their skills in solving Kotlin problems on stage at the ICPC World Finals. Watch the match between Andrew ‘ecnerwala’ HE and Kamil ‘Errichto’ Debowski, commentated Roman Elizarov.

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