jeu. Sep 29th, 2022

The Kotlin 1.7.20-Beta release is out! Here are some highlights from this preview version of Kotlin:

New Kotlin K2 compiler supports Lombok, all-open, Parcelize, and other compiler pluginsPreview of the ..< operator for creating open-ended rangesNew Kotlin/Native memory manager enabled by defaultNew experimental feature for JVM: inline classes with generic underlying type

Learn more about these features and how to enable them in What’s new in Kotlin 1.7.20-Beta. For the complete list of changes, refer to release notes on GitHub.

Install 1.7.20-Beta to try out these features and report any issues you find to help us improve Kotlin 1.7.20.

Try new features and provide feedback 

These new features are available in the 1.7.20 preview release, Kotlin 1.7.20-Beta. You can easily install it in your IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio IDE.

Install Kotlin 1.7.20-Beta in any of the following ways:

If you use the Early Access Preview update channel, the IDE will suggest automatically updating to 1.7.20-Beta as soon as it becomes available.If you use the Stable update channel, you can change the channel to Early Access Preview at any time by selecting Tools | Kotlin | Configure Kotlin Plugin Updates in your IDE. You’ll then be able to install the latest preview release. Check out these instructions for details.

Help us improve Kotlin

You can always download the latest versions of these IDEs to get extensive support for Kotlin:

IntelliJ IDEA for developing Kotlin applications for a variety of platforms.Android Studio for developing Android and cross-platform mobile applications.

Once you’ve installed 1.7.20-Beta, don’t forget to change the Kotlin version to 1.7.20-Beta in your build scripts.

If you run into any problems:

Report issues to our issue tracker, YouTrack.Find help in the #eap channel in Kotlin Slack (get an invite).Roll back to the latest stable version. Learn how.

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